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Player Poll Ratings from Newcastle's win over West Brom

We love the goal scorers....are totally unsure of what to make of Michael Williamson.

Captain Colo got a goal and your vote for Man of the Match.
Captain Colo got a goal and your vote for Man of the Match.
Michael Regan

As you might expect, the trendlines are up this week. After all, it is Newcastle's fifth win in a row. The Mags didn't have what you'd call a "dominating" performance. West Brom enjoyed 58% of the possession, and outshot Newcastle 10-8 (though NUFC had one more shot on target). But, Newcastle got an absolute brilliant goal from Perez, and a nice header from Coloccini to give themselves a nice away win and a firmer place in the top half of the table. But, how did the players do? That's where you come in...

Goalkeeper and Back line

Is Coloccini having a rebound year or what? He's been playing much better, and it is leading the back line into some very solid performances. It was nice to see him get his first goal in two years. He's also you Man of the Match, by the thinnest of margins over Ayoze Perez (he had more 10 ratings). Coloccini is going to be viewed as the leader of th back line, and with another clean sheet, he was bound to get some love from the community.

The rest of the back line also received high marks. There were a lot of seven and eights. Again, West Brom had the bulk of the possession, but rarely tested Tim Krul. The one exception to the back line love fest was Michael Williamson, who no one knew exactly what to do with. We can probably chalk up the one rating to trolling (even Colo gets one), but Williamson is ranked anywhere from a three to a ten. He either had the best 12 minutes of time you could ask for or nearly allowed West Brom to equalize by himself. Tough crowd.


Congratulations to Mehdi Abeid to being the lucky Newcastle player of the week that not even the Mackem troll can't rate as a one. Maybe that should be our new metric for Man of the Match. Whoever doesn't get rated as a one. Overall, no one really stood out in the midfield. A lot of sevens. It was a solid, workman-like effort.


So, we were asked in the mailbag to describe Perez's goal, with bonus points for making it erotic. I, for one, am looking forward to those results. I'm pretty sure that Perez made everyone Tyneside pregnant with that goal. The youngster has been on a tear as of late. Hopefully, he can keep up his form after the international break.

Alan Pardew

While we are not convinced that Alan Pardew is the man for the job, but if he wasn't going to get sacked before when things looked horrible awful for Newcastle, he isn't getting sacked now. Well, probably not. Now, this is a parody account, but can't YOU see it happening?

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Sitting in 7th now, that&#39;s technically Europe. I&#39;m absolutely furious.&#10;&#10;<a href="">#nufc</a></p>&mdash; Mike Ashley (@MoneyMikeAshley) <a href="">November 9, 2014</a></blockquote>

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Pardew has been making all the right moves, and the community is getting on board. We'll see if the international break throws off his game or not.