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CHN appears on Across the Pond podcast

In which we attempt to answer the question, "What's the deal with Alan Pardew?"

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

I appeared on the Across the Pond podcast this week, which was a great honor. The AtP guys have been talking Newcastle for the past couple of weeks, given their (now expired?) run of good form, so they naturally had some questions about how Pardew has managed to pull the team out of the ditch.

My bit starts at 20:08, but of course you should listen to the whole thing, and also check out the AtP website while you're at it.

I'd like to draw your attention especially to 40:40, the Wild Card segment, where the following question was posed to me: What is the most significant/memorable moment to happen around Newcastle United in the last five years? The guys came up with some interesting responses, including one or two that I wouldn't necessarily have thought of. Perhaps most intriguing is that none of us pointed to promotion, a fact that was immediately pointed out to me on Twitter. So what do you think? What's your most memorable/significant NUFC moment of the past five years?