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Instant Reaction: Newcastle 0-1 Sunderland


Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Adam Johnson scored in the 90th minute to give Sunderland their fourth consecutive win in the Tyne-Wear Derby.

Newcastle had their chances to score in the second half, but had a habit of shooting right at the keeper. Even with four forwards on the pitch at one point, Newcastle could not unlock Sunderland's shaky looking defense.

There are no excuses for Newcastle in this one. They had their chances. For big parts of the second half, Newcastle put pressure on Sunderland. One moment in particular will stand out as being especially frustrating, when Adam Armstrong shot right at the keeper instead of playing it across the box to an unmarked Moussa Sissoko.

Alan Pardew continues to struggle in a match that he himself calls the biggest he's ever been a part of. And with Newcastle continuing to be in a bad spin, he's quickly losing claim to being in the top half of the table.

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