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Ask A Spurs Fan: Call for Keep Your Enemies Closer Questions

Hey, last time we played Spurs, the Q and A was fun, so why not have another go at it?

Jamie McDonald

I've been contacted by Uncle Menno from the excellent Tottenham blog Cartilage Free Captain to revisit the staggeringly awesome Q/A pieces we did prior to Tim Krul (almost) single-handedly earning the three points in our 1-0 victory at White Hart Lane earlier this season.  I've sent him my answers to his questions but need to follow them with questions of my own.  This is where you come in.  Want to know about life after Andres Villas-Boas?  Want to know what it's like to bring a striker in from the cold and have them score goals for fun?  This is your chance.  You tell me, I'll ask Uncle Menno.  It's like a blog version of the telephone game, except I promise that none of the words being passed from one party to the other will somehow find themselves changed into sexually explicit words just for fun.  Not that this ever happened when I was playing the telephone game.  Just heard it from a friend.  Yup.  Just heard it from a friend.