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Newcastle Twitter Responds to #AskDummett in Predictable, Hilarious Fashion

The Newcastle United Twitter account asked for they got it.

Paul Thomas

Funny thing about the Internet: If you ask people to produce content for you, they'll happily oblige - it just might not be the exact content you're looking for. You might have thought that somebody in the Newcastle United braintrust would have learned their lesson the last time they went fishing on Twitter for help filling the match day program, when #askTayls turned into an excuse to berate the polarizing defender. They might have picked a tamer subject this time around, but the timing was less than ideal. One day ago, Newcastle lost 4-0. They've conceded 10 goals in the last 10 games. They haven't scored since 18 January (another way of saying this is that they haven't scored since before they let Yohan Cabaye walk). You can excuse the Twitter natives for rejecting this premise out to half court. The number of silly responses to this solicitation (detailed below) outnumbered the serious responses by a rather large margin. Hey, if we can't watch a winning product, we might as well have fun, right?