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Joe Kinnear Resigns

This is not a drill.

Michael Regan

In a week full of bad news, here's some more: Newcastle United have lost their connection to retired manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Joe Kinnear is no more.

Kinnear, who was brought in this summer to take care of Newcastle's transfer business, will no longer still not be doing Newcastle's transfer business.

His appointment was always a controversial one, given his history with the club, but Mike Ashley hilariously declared him the best football mind he's ever worked with, and that was supposed to be enough for us. His first week on the job was highlighted by a disastrous radio interview in which he mispronounced the names of several players, lied about his resume (he's never been Manager of the Year, for the record), insulted his predecessor, and bragged about having access to managers around the world. Then he promptly went on holiday.

Newcastle famously did no incoming business that window, save a loan deal for Loic Remy that was in the works six months before he came on board. In fact, he scuppered a deal for center back Douglas of FC Twente, claiming not to know anything about the player. Newcastle employees, of course, had been scouting him for at least a year, according to reports, and the deal was to be a free transfer.

January wasn't any better. Long-time target Luuk de Jong was brought in (on loan, naturally), and Yohan Cabaye was allowed to leave for a price that can generously be called "decent enough." In addition to his failings with the senior squad, no attempt was made to improve the reserves or the Academy. It was a year of inaction that could have long-term ramifications.

There's so much to say on this, but for now, this will do. One month into his tenure, Kinnear famously said in response to well-deserved criticism, "Judge me on my signings." Joe, you have been judged, and you have been found wanting.