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PODCAST: Episode 27 (B)

Side B, The Second 45, whatever you'd like to call it... it's here!

Episode 27 and the two-part experiment that it has become is now complete. Side B starts with a somewhat complete shift away from the young players and the academy - we start a piece by piece discussion of the many players that are a) out of contract or b) could be on their way out of the club for various other reasons. If it plays out over the summer the way we kind of end up thinking through our discussion, the Premier League 25 man roster next year could look quite different than this year's edition.

Which players are definitely gone? Which should definitely stay? Which should be given the infamous "one last chance"? We've got all the answers in The Second 45 (puls stoppage time). Additionally, we do look ahead a bit to the Fulham match and discuss exactly how John Carver might influence the match from his place as Alan Pardew's replacement on the touch line.