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FA decision on Pardew coming Monday

The Football Association will hand down a punishment for Alan Pardew on Monday. How severe will it be?

Matthew Lewis

The Football Association will announce a punishment for Alan Pardew on Monday following Saturday's headbutting incident in Newcastle United's 4-1 victory over Hull City. The incident, which occurred on the touchline when Pardew impeded David Meyler from getting to the ball for a throw-in, has caused plenty of controversy, with several pundits calling for him to be sacked. Instead, Newcastle released a statement on Saturday night stating that he had been given a "formal warning" and a fine of £100,000.

Fans familiar with Newcastle's situation were not surprised that Pardew was able to escape with his job, given that he's still in the second year of an eight year albatross of a contract. The only suspense now is whether or not he will be able to return to the touchline at all this season. Newcastle have 10 matches left in the campaign, and the FA could opt to make this story go away until August. Loic Remy was banned for three games recently for a similar incident involving Swansea City's Jonjo Shelvey, and of course Pardew will be held to higher standard as a manager. There's also his history to consider - this isn't the first act of violence he's committed as a manager. In 2012, he was banned 2 games and given a fine for pushing the fourth official during a match with Tottenham Hotspur.

My guess is that the FA will want to send a message, especially given Pardew's history and the attention this story has garnered, but may not go the whole 10 games given that Meyler initiated contact and Pardew immediately apologized.

What is the appropriate punishment for Alan Pardew?