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Pick Your Poison: Ashley or Shepherd?

Freddy Shepherd says he's still interested in taking Newcastle United back. We're not okay with that, are we?

Mark Runnacles

If there's one thing that unites Newcastle fans, it's a deep-seated, intense hatred for Mike Ashley. Many will concede that he did a good thing by loaning money (interest-free) to the club to keep it afloat, but almost every decision and move made in the last four years has been met, deservedly, with derision. The majority of, if not all, supporters would be happy to see him sell the club.

But what if the buyer was Freddy Shepherd? The former part-owner was known for rash, irresponsible decision-making, and the general consensus is that it was his meddling, whether with transfers or with managerial appointments, that set up the dominoes that led to relegation in 2009.

As it turns out, Shepherd is interested. The Chronicle quoted him Wednesday as saying, "I keep my finger in the pie," among many other things. One of those is that he can't buy until Ashley sells (Gee, thanks for the insight), and of course this is all academic anyway, but the article has led to some mixed reaction around social media. So here's the question:

Which would be worse going forward: Mike Ashley or Freddy Shepherd?