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Newcastle United get new away kits

Newcastle United unveiled some new away kits, what do you think?

Michael Regan

Newcastle United unveiled some new away kits from Puma for the 2014/2015 campaign, which they will debut in the Premier League finale against Liverpool.

According to the release, it's a throw back to the 1983-1988 era of Toon football sporting all silver with black trim.

"The new away kit is a celebration of one our most iconic shirt designs, with some of our most famous players in the modern era wearing the all silver kit between 1983 and 1988," Stuart Middlemiss, director of retail at Newcastle United said. "I'm sure it will be extremely popular and that our players and supporters will be as equally proud to wear it."

Of course, it's available for purchase immediately... of course.

So what do you think about it? I actually really dig it. It's pretty simple and a nice color combination. I wonder if this means NUFC won't be Brazil anymore?