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Instant reaction: Liverpool 2-1 Newcastle

Newcastle led for awhile, but then Pardewed everything.

I'm not implying that Suarez dives. Not at all.
I'm not implying that Suarez dives. Not at all.
Laurence Griffiths

Newcastle led in this match. It was improbable, it was off an own goal, it was maybe undeserved. Nevertheless, Newcastle led.

And then, well, in the span of three minutes it all went up in smoke.

In a microcosm of Newcastle's season, Newcastle took a 1-0 advantage into the 63rd minute and three minutes later found themselves down 2-1 and playing with ten men. In the 63rd minute, Steven Gerrard's free kick found Daniel Agger who made no mistake to bring things level. Two minutes later, from practically the exact same spot Gerrard put in another free kick, this time finding Daniel Sturridge and Liverpool were ahead. At the restart, Shola Ameobi, playing possibly his last game for Newcastle, was cautioned for dissent. Not, content with one word, Ameobi put in a second and was shown a red card. It was possibly frustration from the entire season for Shola that boiled over. Newcastle had also disagreed with both of the fouls that led to the free kicks.

Newcastle took a 1-0 lead into the halftime break with a bit of controversy. In the 18th minute, Liverpool won a free kick in a dangerous location. Luis Suarez took the free kick and scored what appeared to be a brilliant goal. However, referee Phil Dowd had not signaled the ball ready for play and the ball was not stationary. As a result, the goal was waved off, much to the ire of the Anfield crowd.

Newcastle would end the match with nine men, when Paul Dummett was sent off after a reckless challenge against Suarez. It was a fitting end to the campaign.

In the end, Newcastle end the campaign with a -16 goal differential, finish in 10th place and face an offseason of questions.