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Toon Crier: Transfer Window Speculation

Everyone loves Transfer Window Speculation

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Tiote is on the Ivory Coast's provisional World Cup squad.
Tiote is on the Ivory Coast's provisional World Cup squad.
Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Who cares if the body that was the last season isn't even cold yet? There's transfer window talk! Onto the links!

It is official. Alan Pardew is coming back next season. As talked about here and other places, it seems that Pardew was able to achieve the top 10 finish and that helped him keep his job. The Guardian says that Newcastle must start strong next season for Pardew to last until Christmas.

Pardew is going to get 60 million pounds in the transfer window. Well, that was the initial report anyways. On the plus side, this is 60 million more pounds than Newcastle has spent in the last two transfer windows.

On the downside, it might not be 60 million pounds. It might be 40. Or "Undisclosed".  Who knows. As you saw from The Mag article, the club basically called Luke Edwards and said, "Yeah, no." But, I mean, we're going to spend SOME money? Anyways, the Telegraph article will give you the barest of bones look at who Newcastle is targeting. Hey, that Loic Remy guy is pretty good.

Do you think Newcastle will be relegated next year? You have 7/1 odds if you want to literally bet on it. That's roughly middle of the pack in terms of relegation odds, with Burnley, Crystal Palace(?) and Hull leading the parade.

Cheick Tiote is on the Ivory Coast's provisional World Cup squad.

The Chronicle starts off with a great Mark Twain quote as they explain that, by the numbers, Newcastle was one of the more improved clubs this season, citing a jump of six spots in the table, more points than last year, and fewer goals conceded.

The Championship Playoffs are usually good for some drama, and QPR-Wigan provided it, with QPR bagging a winner in extra time. Now, this was no Leicester-Watford, but it was a good match (also, seriously, watch the finish of the match from a year ago). QPR faces Derby County at Wembley for the right to enter the Premiership.

Speaking of Wembley, fellow Tyneside club Gateshead FC is going to playing there for the right to rejoin the Football League. If you follow really anyone from Newcastle on Twitter, you know how big this is. Read up on why here.