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Newcastle United Start Reshaping Squad... By Becoming LESS British

Alan Pardew has started his great reshaping of the squad by not offering a contract to a player who lies squarely within his "New Newcastle Order".

Jamie McDonald

Newcastle United have started the process of building a squad that (ostensibly) Alan Pardew can actually wrap his head around and do something with.  Pardew has repeatedly stated that the squad next year needs to be "more British", and the first off-season move is on the books. 

Newcastle United have announced that Dan Gosling will not be offered a new contract and will be joining Championship side AFC Bournemouth upon the expiration of his current contract.  The news concludes a disappointing career on Tyneside for the former England U-21 international who joined Newcastle from Everton - albeit under somewhat contentious circumstances.  Injuries, Yohan Cabaye and PardewReasons conspired to keep Gosling from making any kind of real impact during his four years with the club. There is no real surprise that Gosling will not be retained, but snark dictates that I close in this manner:

And so, the Great Re-Shaping of 2014 is underway, and predictably the first move is to make the squad LESS British.  Of course it is.