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Toon Crier: FFP Edition

Financial Fir Play hits Man City, Gateshead fall short and other news and notes related to Newcastle.

The Heed fell short in Wembley.
The Heed fell short in Wembley.
Jamie McDonald

Financial Fair Play (which I took a stab t explaining a few summers back) is going into effect, and no worries: Newcastle won't be fined. It seems you have to spend money to have that happen. Club Metro has a blog post about this, which seems like a way to recap how much money Newcastle made, but how awful the season was. The author does argue that Newcastle should be rewarded for their penny pinching ways. I'd love to hear your suggestions for how UEFA could do that.

City were fined 49 million pounds, though will probably make that back, so don't worry about them.

Newcastle announced that they have no intention of trying in the domestic cups, and HTC asks the obvious question of, "Wait, what?" The club argues that trying to win a cup jeopardizes one's stay in the Premiership. I mean, just look at FA Cup winners Arsenal. If we want to take anything away from this, its this: the club itself fully expects to be in a relegation fight next season. I really don't see any other way to look at it.

Bad news for me, as Newcastle aren't really looking at Darren Bent. This is bad news for me because I once predicted that he was a great pick-up for Fulham and would help that side to a top half finish. No, I'm not linking that.

The head of the Premier League is facing pressure to step down after sexist e-mails he sent were released. Richard Scudamore made crude references to a female colleague and referenced her "female irrationality".

Heartbreak in the northeast, as Gateshead lost their promotion final to Cambridge United, 1-2. A win would have returned Gateshead to the Football League after a 54 year absence. We may pay closer attention to the Heed next season, as they'll be a Tyneside club with something to play for.

Homer alert: I'm a Sounders fan. But, this goal by former Newcastle striker Obafemi Martins needs to be seen.

Random Newcastle vid found while searching for Obafemi Martins goals....check out full match highlights of a 4-1 win at Spurs. Note: 1) Four different players scored, 2) Newcastle came from behind to win, 3) Nicky Butt not getting enough credit for some sort of all-name team, 4) Mike Ashley IN THE STANDS high fiving supporters, 5) A Michel Owen goal, 6) Oba's goal to make it 4-1.