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It's Say Something Positive About NUFC Week at Coming Home Newcastle

Things are bad at Newcastle United. Let's find something good to talk about.

Richard Sellers

This week, we turn our attention away from the negativity that has spilled over from Newcastle United's dreadful run at the end of the season and has taken over the summer. We football fans are reactive people - what happens on the pitch (and quite often, in the boardroom) affects our collective mood. Over the last several months, Newcastle supporters have griped, complained, protested, walked out, threatened, punched horses (maybe), played in traffic, considered the merits of withdrawing from society, and everything in between. All of it has been justified.

Several months of that, however, is unhealthy. Here is your prescription, then. Try to find something positive to say about this club, and maybe we can move forward together. Let's get some good times going!

This week was the hardest week for us to brainstorm, and we would hate to take the hard work away from you, dear reader. So, I won't be announcing the articles ahead of time. It was tempting to set this up as a theme and then conspire to leave it blank, but we're committed to finding something to hold on to. Let's just say there will be a wee bit o' celebration.