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Newcastle fans protest, also a football game happened

Newcastle's 3-0 win over Cardiff City sent the Bluebirds down and was punctuated by protest.

Matthew Lewis

Newcastle United defeated relegation-threatened Cardiff City 3-0 on Saturday, but Shola Ameobi's early goal wasn't enough to prevent supporters from displaying homemade banners, chanting at Alan Pardew and Mike Ashley, and walk out during the 69th minute. Loic Remy and Steven Taylor added goals when the result was already in hand. This was a huge match, and what the headline is depends on your perspective. For Cardiff City supporters, their relegation was confirmed on the basis of this loss. For Newcastle supporters, they were able to express a modicum of their frustration against the powers that be. For Alan Pardew, it was redemption in stopping the 6-game skid, which according to him was the sole source of unrest among fans.

For the first time in several months, Newcastle did a good imitation of a football team. They have been the worst team in the entire Football League by almost any measure since Boxing Day, and a win is nice, but mostly just papers over the cracks formed by poor transfer policy, management, and play.

We'll have more commentary on the walkout in a separate post shortly, but for now, let us recognize the best bedsheet banner of the day: