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World Cup Match Day Five Open Thread

The United States plays its first World Cup game. So does Shola.

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Everyone loves Shola.
Everyone loves Shola.
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The goals continued to flow and the tournament is still awaiting its first draw. Match Day Four saw a classic finish and the first use of goal line tech.

Yesterday in Brazil

Switzerland-Ecuador may have been one of the more underwhelming match-ups in the Group Stage, but boy did it deliver an amazing finish. The match seemed headed for a draw until the Swiss nabbed a goal deep into stoppage time. SB Nation gives credit to the referee for allowing the build up to occur.

If anyone WAS spying on France, it surely wasn't Honduras. France ran wild with a 3-0 thrashing. Goal line technology received it's first true test of the World Cup, as it showed the ball barely crossing the line for France's second goal. Some pundits, including Kasey Keller, seemed skeptical of the decision. The naked eye may have said no goal, but the sensors said otherwise.

Also, Newcastle stars Mathie Debuchy and Moussa Sisssoko factored into the French attack well. Also, this guy named Yohan Cabaye played well, and you may have heard of him.

Messi may have temporarily silenced his (many, at least in Argentina) critics, as his goal stood up as the winner against Bosnia-Herzegovina. Argentina staked out to a third minute lead when Messi's cross bounced off a Dragon defender and in. In the second half, he needed no so such help when scoring his first of the tournament. A weak, trickling goal late made it interesting, but there would be no draw. In fact, there have been no draws through four days of the tournament, with only one game featuring less than three goals.

Today in Brazil


These two are the favorites to advance out of Group G. SB Nation takes a look at this clash of world powers.

Every year, a few teams are given a sex ban during the World Cup. Germany says "Nein" to bikes.

Germany's manager says subs will be a major factor in this World Cup.

Ronaldo says he's ready to go.


Don't expect fireworks, says SB Nation.

Some human interest: an American is a coach for Iran.

Soccer is political, here's how that's working in Iran.

This always seems to be an issue with African nations (see also: Cameroon) but Nigeria has their bonuses.

We all still love Shola. He's eying a move to the A-League's Sydney FC.

United States-Ghana

Ah, it's the match for the casuals. Everyone loves America, even the World Cup haters in your Twitter feed. We've seen this match-up before, and with Germany and Portugal lurking in the group, this is a must win for both sides.

Ghana has high hopes for the World Cup.

The connection between 1994 and 2014 for USMNT.

It should be a wet one in Natal.