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World Cup Match Day Eleven Open Thread

USA takes to the pitch, while Belgium and Russia play in Group H.

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Team USA is trying to catch a big fish tonight.
Team USA is trying to catch a big fish tonight.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Shola got in another performance, while Germany and Ghana played an instant classic. Today, the Yanks face Portugal, while Group H try to sort out who will finish behind Belgium.

Yesterday in Brazil

Argentina looked dreadful at times against Iran, but Messi bailed out his country with a stoppage time goal to beat Iran 1-0. Iran could have gotten a pretty big feather in their cap for the draw, and you can't really fault them. It was an amazing goal. Argentina are through to knockout stages. Iran isn't out of it, but they're sitting on just one point.

Germany and Ghana played to an insane 2-2 draw. Four goals were scored in a twenty minute stretch. Germany is atop Group G with four points. Ghana picks up their first point. If the United States gets a win today, they'll go to the top of the group.

Nigeria eliminated Bosnia with a controversial 1-0 win. Bosnia had a goal disallowed on a fairly horrible call. Then Nigeria scored after an apparent foul. Bosnia will be mad, but it's Nigeria creeping closer to a place in the knockout stages.Also, Shola played.

Today in Brazil


Belgium might be "dark horse" favorites, but they may have some difficulty against Russia's defense.

Marouane Fellanini makes you feel better for betting the house on Belgium. He says they can win it. Added fun: the headline refers to him as "Manchester United flop". Never change, English press.

Russia kindly requests that its national team start playing better.

Algeria-South Korea

Both teams need a win, and thus the match could be cagey.

Algeria are "managing expectations" for the World Cup.

Meanwhile, Korea is not overlooking Algeria.

United States-Portugal

The US can advance with a win, but the big question is Ronaldo's fitness.

Do you find tie breakers confusing? Here's your guide.

The US Media criticized Juergen Klinsmann when he said that the United States could not win the World Cup. Well, they should love him for this: "We want to put Ronaldo and his team in their place."

Today could be a pivotal moment in American soccer.

Ronaldo is expected to play.

US-Ghana set a ratings record. Can the Portugal clash top it?