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World Cup Match Day Twelve Open Thread

Day eleven saw one of the craziest days of the tournament. As we reach the final set of group games, what's in store?

Now boarding for the final round of the group stage.
Now boarding for the final round of the group stage.
Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Day eleven summed up this World Cup, didn't it? The were goals galore, late drama, and three great matches. We've now reached the last set of group matches. Hope you have picture in picture, because each group will have matches going on at the same time. This is like when the Premiership has it's last day of the season kick off at the same time. Everyone still alive has to go for a result. If you're like me, and don't have picture in picture, I'll say which match might be more worth your time. Follow along with us....the next four days will be the biggest of the World Cup.

Yesterday in Brazil

Belgium were largely unimpressive, but got a late goal top beat Russia 1-0. Belgium will have their final match of group action to work out the kinks before entering the knockout stage. Belgium, a team some expect to make a deep run, hasn't looked overly impressive in their first two games. Still, they've gotten two wins. Russia, meanwhile, are still alive, but prospects are grim.

Algeria became the first African nation to score four goals in a match, as they dispose of South Korea 4-2. Algeria put it away early with three first half goals. Korea would score early in the second half, but conceded again.South Korea will play Belgium, while Algeria take on Russia.

Portugal scored at the death to draw with the United States. The US probably deserved the win, and would have gotten it, save Cristiano Ronaldo's one good delivery on the night. The US scored twice in the second half to take the lead, but could not hold on to the vital three points. The Americans are still in a good position to qualify, but will likely need a draw with Germany to do so. Here's your rundown of how America can qualify.

Today in Brazil

Group B - Games are at 12:00 Eastern


The only question here is to see if Spain begins its youth movement.

Spain would also like to avoid becoming the first defending champ to leave without getting a point.

Australia may be out, but they've impressed and are fairly happy with their performance.

Pitch quality may be a concern, as both sides were prohibited from training on it.


Two high powered offenses go for the top spot in Group B.

The Dutch would really, really, really like to avoid Brazil.

They will also be without Bruno Martins Indi.

Chile return to the scene of one of the biggest soccer scandals.

Who to watch: As fun as Australia have been, I'd take Netherlands-Chile. More is at stake, and both sides have been pouring in goals.

Group A - Matches are at 4:00 Eastern


This match will likely be the decider for Group A.

Mexico has defended their fans using a gay slur at matches.

Mexico's captain says this will be their toughest match yet.

The Mexican defense has been stellar, but Croatia says they can unlock them.


Brazil will be looking to win big.

Brazil haven't looked their best, and are trying to take the pressure off Neymar.

Cameroon would love to play spoiler to the hosts.

Cameroon will be without Eto'o.

Who to watch: Got to be Croatia-Mexico. Brazil should have no problem with a Cameroon side that's been called the worst team in the World Cup.