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World Cup Match Day 15 Open Thread

Nigeria and France advanced yesterday. Will the United States join them?

Clint Dempsey and Team USA are trying to advance to the knockout stages.
Clint Dempsey and Team USA are trying to advance to the knockout stages.
Christopher Lee

It was a good day for Newcastle fans yesterday, as Shola Ameobi's Nigeria advanced (though he did not play) and France won their group, with Moussa Sissoko and Loic Remy seeing action. Added bonus: France and Nigeria will face each other in the knockout stages. Howay the Lads, indeed.

The last of the group stage matches is today. The last quarter of the bracket will be set. Everyone in Group G is still alive. Little is settled in Group H. The United States is playing. It should be another action packed day in Brazil.

Yesterday in Brazil

Nigeria didn't need a win, and a good thing because Lionel Messi happened. Messi had two goals, as Argentina bested the Super Eagles 3-2. Nigeria's four points were good enough to see them through to the knockout stages where they'll meet France. The French looked kind of disinterested in scoring once Ecuador went down to ten men, and the result was a 0-0 draw.

France is joined in the knockout stages by Switzerland, who topped Honduras 3-0. Elsewhere,Bosnia achieved a little redemption as they beat Iran 3-1.

Today in Brazil

Group G - Matches are at 12:00 Eastern

Germany-United States

As you probably know, a draw would suit both teams just fine.

MLS players are making a name for themselves at this World Cup.

Five Americans have ties to Germany.

It may be to late, but here's how to cut work and watch the match. In fact, why did you go to work today? Do you hate America?

Germany has a size advantage.


Both sides can make it to the knockout stages.

Cristiano Rinaldo, who is Portugal's captain, says his team can't qualify for the knockout stages.

Ghana won't boycott the match over a wage dispute.

Of course, it helps when a plane loaded with three million dollars is headed your way.

Two Ghana players have been suspended.

And here is your handy chart of all Group G scenarios. Root for draws!

Who to watch: USA-Germany will be the one to watch, but should Ghana-Portugal crazy (or Germany take a two goal lead), you may want to have the clicker handy.

Group H - Matches are at 4:00 Eastern


Algeria is so close to the knockout stages, while Russia need a miracle to advance.

Algeria's manager has his sights set on the knockout stages.

Russia need some goals. They only have one for the tournament.

South Korea-Belgium

South Korea is in desperate need of a win.

South Korea had high hopes for this tournament, but those are fading.

Here's an economic take on why Russia lost to Belgium.

Belgium says they'll try to finish out the group stage strong.

Who to watch: I think Algeria-Russia will provide the most entertainment. Both sides need a result.