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Newcastle officially announce Janmaat as Debuchy introduced at Arsenal

Mathieu Debuchy is out, but Newcastle already have their replacement in Daryl Janmaat. The moves were officially announced on Thursday.

Jamie Squire

Newcastle United officially announced the signing of Daryl Janmaat from Feyenoord on Thursday, just as Arsenal made their own announcement confirming the arrival of Mathieu Debuchy in London. Both moves have been public knowledge for several days, and in fact Janmaat had already been photographed in his Newcastle shirt, but now we can speak of the moves with finality.

Debuchy, who will be 29 when the season starts, had another outstanding spell with the French national team at this month's World Cup, and will replace Bacary Sagna for Arsenal. As a Newcastle player, he was a eager to join the attack and an adequate defender, and in truth he was one of the best players on the pitch for Alan Pardew's squad following the departure of his buddy Yohan Cabaye. After Cabaye left, though, it was understood that the clock was ticking for Debuchy, and the only surprise is that he didn't follow him to Paris St. Germain.

His replacement is in much the same mold, only 4 years younger and cheaper. It remains to be seen whether Janmaat, who had his own successful spell with Le Oranje in Brazil, will be an upgrade over Debuchy, but the important thing is that the Magpies have managed to turn what could have been a devastating departure into at least a wash. His capture was an exceptionally shrewd move, matched only by the decision to officially announce his arrival alongside Arsenal's own declaration. The one in, one out transfer policy is easy to criticize, but the pill is much, much easier to swallow when there's no waiting period in between players.

It's weird to say, but this has been an incredibly satisfying transfer window. I didn't think I would be happy on the day that Mathieu Debuchy left, but here we are.