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Newcastle could get a new 'fruity' kit sponsor

Plenty of Newcastle fans have been upset with the Wonga sponsorship, but don't worry. It can be worse.

Hagen Hopkins

Newcastle United currently have a usury lender as their kit sponsor, in the form of Wonga, but it could potentially get much worse going forward if certain bids are high enough from a new tech startup, Fruity King.

via Winner Sports:

The newly launched mobile casino brand Fruity King ( is looking to "hit the ground running" according to it's head of marketing (Phillip Jones).

Jones said; "We have a healthy budget, we want to work with a Premier League team".

When asked specifically if there was a Premier League team in mind, Jones answered "Yes, Newcastle United, we are willing to pay a record breaking figure."

The announcement of Wonga was met with a large backlash, even a player sitting out part of the preseason in protest, but that died down for a bit. For the most part, people generally hate the big blue WONGA logo on the front of the team shirt, but adding an advertiser like FRUITY KING could make it much worse. Just the name alone is easy fodder for opposing fans and Mackems.