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World Cup Quarterfinals Day One Open Thread

Intra-conference match-ups take the spot light in Brazil today.

How will Sissoko factor into France's plans today?
How will Sissoko factor into France's plans today?
Matthias Hangst

Does this World Cup have any more twists and turns in it? The hosts and favorites are playing today, and if Colombia could knock them out, that might be the biggest twist of all. The other match-up sees France and Germany, two of the sides that have looked to be their best, meet up. Follow along the action with us today and see who advances to the semifinals.


Though both are thought to be superpowers, its been awhile since either country has won a World Cup.

No, Germany doesn't have the flu.

Though, they can be a tad boring.

A profile of France's manager, Didier Deschamps.

Moussa Sissoko is having himself a nice tournament.

Meanwhile, Mathieu Debuchy my be headed to Arsenal.


Brazil's task: beat the most entertaining team in the tournament.

Brazil brought in a psychologist after their emotional win over Chile.

Could Hulk be a difference maker up for Brazil.

James Rodriguez has become a star for Colombia.

It's a day off in Colombia.

Other World Cup News and Notes

An unfinished overpass in Brazil collapsed and killed two people.

A FIFA official says he's amazed at the level of drunkenness in the stands.

Algeria is donating their World Cup salary to the people of Gaza.

Thanks to their amazing run, Costa Rica jerseys are hot sellers.

Landon Donovan conveniently waits till the US is eliminated to say that they weren't set up to succeed.