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Tim Krul Saves Netherlands

Newcastle's keeper came on for PKs and came up big.

Tim Krul is amazing and we love him and he is ours.
Tim Krul is amazing and we love him and he is ours.
Jamie McDonald

It seemed like most of this World Cup run would feature no Tim Krul. Newcastle's keeper hasn't seen any action this tournament. That is, until the 199th minute, when Krul was subbed on for penalty kicks. After Costa Rica and the Netherlands played a scoreless affair for 120 minutes.

Given that Krul is 2/20 in penalties for Newcastle, the move was widely criticized. But, the Newcastle man came up big with two massive saves. Krul saved Bryan Ruiz's attempt to give the Dutch a lead. From then, the Dutch and Costa Rica traded goals. Until Michael Umana came up for Costa Rica in a must-score situation.....

Krul came up big again to send the Netherlands to the semifinals.

Louis van Gaal's gamble paid off, and Krul's first bit of World Cup action will put him down in Dutch lore.

And it made Newcastle Twitter pretty happy.

Though, Sunderland was their usual selves...

Oh well. Our keeper is off to the semifinals.