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Keep your enemies closer: Give us your Manchester City questions

Our traditional pre-match Q&A with rival bloggers is back. Give us your Manchester City questions ahead of Sunday's match.

Ross Kinnaird

Newcastle United will host Manchester City to open their Premier League campaign for the second straight year, and for the second straight year we will start our coverage of the match by conducting a question and answer session with Bitter & Blue, the SB Nation blog for the Citizens.

As always, we like to provide our readers with the opportunity to pose their own questions to the bloggers we'll be conversing with, and this has proven to be a successful tactic in the past. I've included a few generic questions below that I will typically ask bloggers of any team, in case you need some inspiration. However, more specific questions will produce a better interview. Feel free to ask anything you like in the comments section, and I will pass them on.

  • How are you feeling about Manchester City at this point in time?
  • What do you expect to get out of this match?
  • Who is one under-the-radar player we can expect to play a significant role?
  • What individual matchup are you looking forward to most this weekend?
  • What has to happen for you to consider this season a success?