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Newcastle United vs. Crystal Palace match thread

The Toon look to pick up three points over a Palace side with a new manager.

Paul Thomas

Newcastle United have scored just one goal so far through three games of the 2014/2015 campaign, including a cup game against Gillngham where a little unknown striker named "Owen Gole" scored for the Toon to give them a victory. They welcome in Crystal Palace on Saturday to St. James Park in hopes of picking up a desperately needed three points.

Newcastle should be able to find the net against Palace, who's just hired a brand new manager who will be managing his first game. The Toon haven't looked bad necessarily in their first two matches in the Premier League. They lost 2-0 to Manchester City in what was actually a well played  game, the team just couldn't find the back of the net despite a handful of clear cut opportunities. The same thing happened against Aston Villa last week.

Here's the starting lineup for the Toon, as well as the bench: