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Player Poll: Newcastle 3-3 Crystal Palace

Rate the lads after their 3-3 draw with Crystal Palace

Just assuming he's your MOTM.
Just assuming he's your MOTM.
Nigel Roddis

Saturday's match at Saint James' Park wasn't for the faint of heart.

Newcastle conceded early in both halves, but scratched their way back to take a 3-2 lead before a stoppage time goal by Crystal Palace made sure that the two sides split the spoils. It's Newcastle's second draw of the season and their first goals. Still, Newcastle was two minutes from their first win, so there's something to be desired.

Newcastle will have two weeks to lick their wounds from this one, as they next play at Southampton on September 13.

Use the form below to rate each player individually. You must rate each player in the Starting XI. Subs are not required, nor is your vote on Alan Pardew. We'll have a results post up later in the week.

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