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Alan Pardew's Totally Honist Match Report: NUFC 3 - 3 Crystal Palace

Looking on the gloomy side of the 3-3 draw to Crystal Palace? Let Alan Scott Pardew, Esq. assuage those concerns.

The fans 'av really let us down today.
The fans 'av really let us down today.
Nigel Roddis

This season, we're in the enviable position of having Alan Pardew available for a post-match report of his own.  Sit back and see what the gaffer had to say about the 3-3 draw v. Crystal Palace.

Iv I'm being totally honist, I fot we was on the right track today.  It was a bit disappointing to give up that early goal, but Crystal Palace are a great side and Dwight Gayle is a quality player.  I'd ave signed im meself iv Palace adn't ave beat me to im.  I fot we responded really well to that though and did well to be 1-1 at halftime.

Ov got to say, science as probably been aginst me a little bit and I think that honistly it still is as we've been unlucky to be punished for ball watching yet again.  You look at most Premier League teams and I don't fink you're gonna see that high a level ov ball watching anywhere in the league.  I fink we've got it about right and just been punished unfairly for that though.

We showed a great fighting spirit to get back into the match again at 2-2 and I fink we've given the crowd somefing to cheer about wif Rolando's goal.  'e's one for the future to be sure and as turned in some good performances for such a young lad.  'e's not shown me that consistency just yet to earn that starting nod just yet, though and I fot 'e wuz just about good enough for this game overall.

Willo's goal, now - I fot that was a real poacher's effort and you've got to love to see that from your center-halves and I fink that's put us well on the road to getting the points today.  Problem was iz that the fans have probably gotten a little carried away and maybe cheered at an 11 level and it really affected the lads.  They've forced the players further up the pitch and we was unfortunate that the ref forced Palace into a cross while we had our shortest player marking one of their tallest.

Overall, I fink that we've put in some good performances and iv we keep it up, science is going to turn around a bit and we'll start seeing some results – provided the fans can keep themselves in check just a little bit.