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Keep Your Enemy Closer with St. Mary's Musings - Call For Questions

The international break is over and we get back at it with a match against Southampton. Time to find out a little about the Saints.

Jamie McDonald

Alan Pardew may or may not be on an extremely short leash... Mike Ashley may or may not be actively moving to sell Newcastle United... there is no shortage of story surrounding Newcastle and the immediate future, but that's not the point of this.  As you all know,Keep Your Enemy Closer is where we have a question/answer exchange with a blog covering our upcoming opponent; this week we are talking with St. Mary's Musings, SBN's newest Premier League blog.  What will this q/a look like?  That's where you come in.  Post your questions below, and I will select the best to forward on.  Watch this space ahead of the match for the answers to the questions and a link to the reciprocal q/a that I will do for SMM.

I will need to be forwarding the questions on probably this evening, so time is of the essence.  Thank you, and good luck.