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Call For Questions: Hull City Q/A

Have anything you would like to know about Hull City? Here's your chance.

Richard Heathcote

It's a baby step, but it's a step.  Here is your call for questions, one day earlier than last week's call for Southampton.  What would you like to know about this weekend's opponents?  Want to know if they'll do a Pardew - Bruce trade straight up?  Now is your chance to ask.  Hull are sitting in 10th place in the Premier League currently and if Newcastle can beat them by 4 clear goals, we could overtake them in the table!

I will hopefully be submitting questions to our partner blog tomorrow evening (Pacific Time) so ask early and ask often.  (FWIW, it's going to take something exceedingly witty for me to include a question involving the words "Pardew" and "headbutt"... either bring it hard or leave it at home!)  I will throw bonus internet cookies to the person who comes up with the best Hatem Ben Arfa question.  Pitch in below or be blamed by Alan Pardew for this weekend's imminent defeat!