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Newcastle interested in Thomas Tuchel?

Newcastle United are said to have their sights set on former Mainz headman Thomas Tuchel.

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

The search for a Newmanager at Newcastle United has resulted in more people ruling themselves out for the position rather than genuine interest at this point, but The Daily Mail is reporting that Newcastle could have their sights set on a young German coach who's currently on sabbatical.

Thomas Tuchel, former Mainz head man, is said to be the Toon's latest target to replace Alan Pardew. I, admittedly, don't really know anything about Tuchel other than the fact that he seemed to have success at Mainz with a limited budget and team and he's known as a bright young tactical manager, which is something Newcastle desperately need.

Before stepping down at Mainz he had led them to consecutive top finishes in the Bundesliga and even qualified for the EURO Cup with a fifth place finish before he stepped down last May.'

The catch with Tuchel is that he apparently doesn't want to get back into a managerial role until the summer, which if he is Newcastle's target would be fine. I don't think the Toon are in danger of completely bottoming out and getting relegated, but then again you never know with Newcastle.