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Moussa Sissoko Future Still Uncertain

We are 3 days into the transfer window and Newcastle United's prized asset still suits up at St. James' Park. For now.

Moussa would prefer you keep his name out of your mouth
Moussa would prefer you keep his name out of your mouth
Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

The twitters have been ablaze with the name Moussa Sissoko today, and the news is grim for Newcastle United supporters who love Moussa SIssoko.  You see, it seems that France Eurosport have asserted that Newcastle United and Paris Saint-Germain are in "very advanced talks" to bring the powerful midfielder to the Parc de Princes in a now yearly tradition of "French giants buying sterling French players off Newcastle United in January".  It is perfectly reasonable that this is a rumor as PSG were rumored as far back as 2011 to be interested in Moussa.  Newcastle sell sell sell especially when the profit/investment ratio hits a certain level – a level that PSG would seem certain to meet – combined with the fact that we have a proud history of selling in January.

There have been reports out there that suggest that a potential Moussa Sissoko for Yohan Cabaye swap deal may be on the cards, which sounds fun on the surface.  It also seems like it would be a difficult proposition to get through the Ashley Cash Machine.  Ashley would seem likely to low ball valuation of Cabaye, who as you may remember joined PSG last January for somewhere in the neighborhood of £17m-£20m, while high balling their valuation of Sissoko since he's still a Toon player and all.


Because it's January and January is fun and the way January gets reported has ruined a lot of the fun of being a supporter, there are reports that the "very advanced" talks reported by haven't really occurred.  If you have followed Newcastle for the last several years, you are probably familiar with the work of Get French Football News who have established themselves (at least in my humble eyes) to be one of the more reliable sources about transfers and reports involving French players and clubs.  They moved relatively quickly to add this to the conversation:

in which they source RMC (Radio Monte Carlo, a prominent French radio outlet) as saying that no contact has been made between the two clubs. . . YET.  This particular view is echoed by the Newcastle local media who are attributing our favorite ubiquitous "sources" within the club who suggest that there have been no talks at all, let alone "very advanced talks" regarding Sissoko.

Of course we're dealing with unnamed sources and the rest of The Chronicle article builds a very flimsy argument based on making like-for-like comparisons in the situations of different players (Cabaye agitated for a move but Moussa isn't so they can't be in advanced talks! /throws toys).

The reality of the situation is that we should still fully expect Moussa to leave in January.  We should hope that PSG would be the destination as we won't ever play the French club since we won't be in Europe whereas we would face him twice a year at Liverpool or Arsenal (and those clubs would likely pay less than PSG anyway).  If Yohan Cabaye were to be part of the deal, then more's the better.  In the meantime, we get to watch the usual January "He's GONE" "nuh uh!" back and forth with rumors-as-fact running rampant.