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Newcastle striker, midfielder chosen for goals of the week for goals against Norwich

NBCSN has put out their goals of the week for this weekend's matches. Newcastle is well represented.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Predictably, when you score 6 goals in a match, you may see one or two make the "Goals of the Week" highlight videos.  There was plenty to be happy about for once as a Newcastle supporter, but the goals that made the grade brought particular joy to the Toon Army.  I'm not even going to lie, Mitrovic's goal is my favorite goal scored by any Newcastle player since that Papiss Cissé goal against Chelsea.  In the pantheon of great goals it probably doesn't even move the needle, but it was everything I wanted to see from Mitrovic as a striker.  The first touch was perfect and the strike itself was powerful and controlled.  It was everything.  It's no small wonder that Gini finds himself represented with four goals from which to choose.  For a goal-shy team to have 2 of the top five goals of the week is... well... it's just grand.  Watch the video below!  (Unfortunately, it's US-only if you're surfing unmodified).