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Newcastle lose the derby. Again. Surprised?: Sunderland More - 0 Newcastle

This sucks.

It doesn't matter to these idiots
It doesn't matter to these idiots
Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Just nevermind the derby for the rest of eternity.  We'll never win another.  For 40 minutes, it felt like this attitude would have been out of place.  Newcastle dominated possession (in the neighborhood of 70%) but could not make the incisive breakthrough that came so easily last weekend against Norwich.  But still, though... Newcastle were miles the better team on the pitch.  And then, as it has in each of the previous 5 derbies, the penny dropped.

The ever vulnerable gap between center backs was exploited by the mackems on the break as Steven Fletcher was played through behind the Newcastle defense.  Rob Elliot was on his way to collect what would have been a close race for the ball and Coloccini went for a needless shoulder tackle in the box.  Fletcher played his part and went flying like so many plastic bags blowing around the SoS pitch and Coloccini was ultimately sent off, presumably for denial of goal scoring opportunity.  Of course Adam Johnson scored the penalty and then they added a second from close range off of a corner kick in the second and nothing matters now.

Newcastle had a chance to climb up to 15th based on this weekend's results, but they've managed to contrive a way to lose again.  Six in a row.  For the first time EVER.  Sure there was that dodgy decision, but ultimately on the day, it wasn't good enough.  And now they've added a third.  I have to get back to drinking.  Soz not soz