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Newcastle United 0 - 3 Leicester City: #NUFC outclassed by again

We're going backwards, and it's not good.

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Midweek, Steve McClaren said this match was about his club.  When the whistle blew full time at St. James' Park, he was exactly right.  The stories will be about Jamie Vardy and his equaling of Ruud van Nistelrooy's Premier League consecutive matches streak (although if we're telling the truth, he was offside on that particular goal, so...) but Newcastle turned in an abject performance of supremely galactic proportions.

Once again, Rob Elliot was the best player on the pitch for Newcastle United.  Let that sink in.  Your backup keeper was your best player.  Not your France internationals.  Not your Netherlands internationals.  Not your Serbian international.  Not the Spaniard that is a target for Manchester United or Tottenham or whatever big name club you care to list.  On the day, every single player on the pitch was terrible.

Make no mistake... the scoreline will read 3-0, but it is an extremely flattering final for Leicester.  They did not play world-beating stuff at St. James' Park.  McClaren was right midweek... this match was about his club.  It was about how terrible they were on every level.  At some point, someone around here has to stand up and be counted.  Our "Silent Cal" captain?  Our "Judge me later judge me later" Coach?  It's got to start somewhere and it's got to start soon.