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If you don't love Aleksandar Mitrovic, you're doing it wrong.

Aleksandar Mitrovic is perfect in every way. I love him and I don't care who knows it.

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Dear Aleksandar,

I know this is fast.  Don't worry.  Nothing bad can come from it.  I know that you have made only 13 appearances for Newcastle United.  You have yet to truly find your finest goal scoring form.  This is all fine.  I can see past all of that.  The truth of the matter is that I am hopelessly and irretrievably in love with you.  There.  I've gone ahead and said it.

Don't worry.  I'm not specifically in love with you, Mitro the man.  I'm not one of those off-their-rocker types who have one of those unhealthy fascinations that go too far.  I'm in love with Mitro the footballer.  And I'm not sorry to anyone about it.

You have spoken highly of the Toon Army and I must confess that I am quite susceptible to flattery.  It's not really that which turned my head.  You told us before you even took the pitch for our club that you played aggressively and with passion and you have delivered every little bit of that.  Sure, it may have backfired early in the season when it appeared you were overcompensating to prove that point.  That was never a red card in the Arsenal match, anyway.  What does matter is that you took the lesson on board and are seeking a much healthier way of expressing that passion.  Like getting in Dele Alli's face when he had an ill-advised kick at you after that healthy shoulder-barge that you gave him.

Maybe you were aware that Alli snubbed Newcastle to move to Spurs.  Maybe you caught the cheeky little trip that he gave to Chancel Mbemba earlier in the match.  I choose to believe both, and I love that you had the passion to stand up.  Some supporters will complain for that behavior, but not me.  The fact of the matter is that if your are not getting yourself right up to that edge of being sent off, it benefits everyone when you are fired up.  It gets us fired up.  It gets your teammates fired up. Will you cross that line again in your Newcastle career?  Probably... but I will defend you with every breath that I have to do so.

We as supporters want to win.  Sure we do.  Almost as important as that, however, is exhibiting that passion for the club.  You have said you are a fan of Newcastle United.  You have shown that passion at nearly every turn since you joined the club.  You bring us something that we have been thirsting for over a period of years as player after player has tried to use us to earn a move to Arsenal.  Maybe you move on eventually.  Sure you will.  In the mean time, I know that you are going to come good with the goals that you were brought in to score.  That you are desperate to score.  For our club. I honestly believe your passion for our club. From now until you do move on, I shall be your number 1 fan.

On a related note, can you hit me up on the twitter?  @CHNOSotP or @ComingHomeNUFC .  I really feel like we could probably be bffs.


I am your number 1 fan,