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Newcastle United v West Brom, Premier League: How to watch, stream; team news

There are more points up for grabs at The Hawthorns. We're probably not going to get any of them... but hey, stranger things have happened.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

So Newcastle United are back at it, traveling to The Hawthorns with the hope that they can forget their late (like seconds left) late defeat on Boxing Day by Everton.  As that match was a mere 48 hours ago, it will give Steve McClaren a chance to rotate some players and, I don't know, change some things on a meaningful level that will lead to earning more points, which is something that I hear happens in other places.

The long-term view of this match tells us that we are in dire need of a victory (you know, that whole relegation zone thing) while it also tells us that there is a whole half of a season left to get points so effort and "progress" will be good enough because of course #tiredbodies and all that.  Whatever.  This is going to suck.  My recommendation is to start drinking heavily.  And jump in the comments.  We can virtually hug each other when it goes pear-shaped.



Date & Time: December 28, 2015 1500 GMT (0700 PST, 1000 EST)

Venue:  The Hawthorns, West Bromwich

Players to watch: Rob Elliot

TV Information: None

Stream InformationNBC Sports Live Extra (USA), Sportsnet World Now (Canada), Other countries and links can be found here.