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FA Cup 2015 draw: Newcastle go to Watford

Newcastle United know who they will face in the third round of the FA Cup.

Today marks the day that Newcastle get that second chance at their renewed focus on the cups... or something.  The way the Premier League season has played out to this point, it seems that the FA Cup will be met with a "ehh... we didn't really mean *this* year, lads and lasses" and perhaps appropriately so.  Even with Sunday's lovely victory over Liverpool, Newcastle are still in the bottom three, although they have reeled in Bournemouth and Norwich City (13 points) and are within touching distance of Swansea City and Chelsea (2 points and three points respectively.)

Given recent Cup draws, it is no surprise that Newcastle were drawn away an they will be heading to Watford.  We can now bed in for a good month as the narrative from the club will invariably shift from "we're going to give the cups a go" to "our focus was always on the league".  We could have received a "kinder" draw, but let's be honest... it doesn't really matter who we drew.