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Manager Pulls Out Of Top Toon Post Consideration

It has been a while since we've had any solid stories about the Head Coach at Newcastle United. The most predictable story has become reality.

Frank de Boer reacts to being asked about interest in Newcastle United (allegedly)
Frank de Boer reacts to being asked about interest in Newcastle United (allegedly)
David Ramos/Getty Images

As the days ticked by back in January, it became clear that the club – in the form of Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley – was becoming increasingly desperate for a reason (ANY REASON) to put off a decision to ensure that they could get a prolonged look at John Carver while searching for the cheapest "next available" option.  The sliver of opportunity presented itself in the form of Ajax manager Frank de Boer.  He ticked so many boxes for everyone involved.  The name Frank de Boer excited significant sections of the fan base.  He was under contract until the end of the season and had publicly stated he would not leave the club during the season.  He was the perfect shiny object to get people's attention while doing exactly what they planned to do from the word go (infer: whatever they want).

The more pessimistic (realistic?) of the Toon Army never really bought de Boer as a truly viable option in the first place in spite of the brand name recognition that comes with his name.  It has only taken two months for the de Boer gambit to show itself for what it was all along: a ruse.  The Dutchman who has been used to excite the minds of NUFC supporters (who the club never planned on pursuing) will become the latest in a long line of "HEY ISN'T THIS NAME EXCITING?! oh by the way we're not getting him or anyone remotely similar."  (Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, anyone?)

So, we inch closer to the summer with cause to steel ourselves for yet another underwhelming announcement from the club about a major decision that will be studied and studied in order to ensure the cheapest possible conclusion to a problem.  Joy.  Farewell, Frank.  We hardly knew ye.