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CHN under new management

Coming Home Newcastle is under new management as of today. It's become increasingly clear over the last several months that I do not have the time to dedicate to running the site, and so I am stepping aside. Jim McMeachin will take over as Managing Editor.

When Reno and I started Coming Home Newcastle in August of 2010, we were hoping to have a place for a small group of friends to discuss Newcastle United in our own way. I never thought that this project would turn into a blog on SB Nation, or that it would still be going strong four and a half years later. I'm proud of what we built, but I'm also looking forward to another work-related project I've had my eye on. Letting go of the responsibilities associated with running the site will allow me to focus more on my professional life.

I'd like to thank Steve Davis, who gave Reno and I this unbelievable opportunity, as well as his successors, Graham MacAree and Jeremiah Oshan, who provided more support behind the scenes than you can imagine. I'm also grateful to all of the contributors that we've had over the years: John, Jim, Alan, Saud, Chase, Alfie, and Callum. Finally, a big thank you to anybody who has ever called themselves a part of this community. You guys are the best.

Speaking of the community, I plan on continuing to be a part of it. I have every confidence that Jim will elevate CHN to new heights, and I want to be here for it. I can't imagine following this crazy team any other way.

Thank you all again, and howay the lads!

- Robert