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Ask An Everton Fan: Get your questions in for Keep Your Enemies Closer

We'll be doing a question/answer exchange with Royal Blue Mersey ahead of Sunday's Premier League match. Have questions for them?

Hey! Jack Colback scored the last time out v. Everton!
Hey! Jack Colback scored the last time out v. Everton!
Stu Forster/Getty Images

Hey, everyone!  The folks at Royal Blue Mersey have been kind enough to enter into a Q/A exchange with us ahead of Sunday's match.  Had burning questions about the Toffees that you have wanted answered?  Now is your chance!  Drop any questions you have for them down in the comments - I will likely be sending them on tomorrow morning, so no pressure.

We'll also be putting out the call for questions on the twitter and the facebook, so if you can send questions to us through those avenues as well.  Everton have had a Europa League season (which means that they are in the bottom third of the table and have #tiredbodies) (allegedly)... although they do still have Romelu Lukaku if you want to take a moment and allow the idea of that fella advancing on Mike Williamson to color your dreams for the next several days.  Anyway- channel your inner Anderson Cooper (or Barbara Walters.  or Oprah.  or [insert favorite interviewer here]).