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SHAPING THE SQUAD: Your 2015/16 Newcastle United defenders

The voting has closed for which of Newcastle's 2014/15 squad you would like to retain going forward. Here's who stays and who goes!

Should he stay or should he go now?
Should he stay or should he go now?
Jan Kruger/Getty Images

The first section of reshaping the squad is in, and you the people have kept 1 goalkeeper, 1 right back, 0 center backs, 2 left backs [insert Alan Pardew jokes here] and one converted midfielder who would desperately love to be a midfielder again.  The message is pretty clear and, frankly, pretty accurate.  While it is probably bad to completely gut the CB position, the simple fact is that it hasn't been good enough for years.

There were two players who largely seem to be untouchable according to those who responded on the form.  Tim Krul had only 15 votes against his being retained by the club while Daryl Janmaat had only 5 votes against his being retained, although in the comments from the initial post it was expressed that Tim Krul could be one of the players for which an attitude of "if a good enough offer comes in" could be adopted.  We'll dig into this particular idea after we have the 2015/16 squad completely set.

There were very few surprises overall in the results for the defenders and goalkeepers.  For instance, Jak Alnwick (who is likely serving out the end of his contract in exile at Bradford City) saw 74% of respondents ready to see him head for pastures new.  Similarly Mike Williamson is considered to have outlived his usefulness for Newcastle (I confess... I voted over and over and over to the tune of 32348 "no" votes.  Or I would have, at least.)  On the other end of the opinion spectrum, Paul Dummett's versatility as CB/LB and Massadio Haidara have both proven enough and are young enough that the voting public are ready to keep them at the club.

People were a little more conflicted about Ryan Taylor, but not much.  Some had concerns about his durability (understandably so), but it seems that his solid-if-not-spectacular level of play, fighting spirit and effective free kicks – surely I'm not the only one who has noticed that we're all of a sudden dangerous on corner kicks since Raylor took them over – are enough to override these concerns.

Newcastle fans are tired of being poor at the back.  They are tired of being a club devoid of leadership.  As such, Fabricio Coloccini is also on the chopping block with new questions about his leadership qualities having been raised following his scheduling of a late-season vacation against Everton.  More of you are are done with Colo than are ready to stand up for our long-time captain.  Steven Taylor is also a player who is dividing opinion with nearly a 50/50 result.  It's unclear whether Saylor's histrionics and fist-pumping are the issue or whether his durability is the concern.  Either way, the majority of respondents want him gone, and so it shall be.

Following one round, our 2015/16 Newcastle United squad looks like this:

Goalkeeper (1):  Tim Krul

Right back (1):  Daryl Janmaat

Center back (0):

Left back (2):  Paul Dummett, Massadio Haidara

Next Up:  Midfield

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