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Papiss Cisse Spits Into The Wind, Gets 7 Match Ban

After admitting a charge brought against him by the FA, Papiss Cisse has been given his punishment

Stu Forster/Getty Images

The FA has banned Papiss Cisse for 7 matches following his admission to charges brought against him following the Jonny Evans spitting incident.  Jonny Evans, for his part, has denied spitting at Cisse in the first place in spite of a tribunal of ex-referees unanimously deciding that there was enough evidence to suggest both men should have been ejected for their part in the incident.

With Newcastle United still needing 5 points from their final 10 matches in order to reach the "mythical 40 point plateau", it's less than ideal to have their only consistent goal-scoring threat out for 70% of those matches.  Our newest version of "where will the goals come from" will be a discussion for another day, however.  The discussion at hand is about abhorrent behavior.  Spitting at a man is a terrible gesture.  On it's surface it is easy enough, but in its intent it is the utmost expression of contempt for another human being.  It's grotesque and inappropriate in any situation save perhaps a 19th-century style duel.

The guilt or blame game here is immaterial.  Neither am I sitting here on high passing judgement on Papiss.  Although I vehemently disagree with the end result, I also have never had anyone spit at me (allegedly).  At the end of the day, however, Papiss' lack of composure has cost his club.  I guess on the bright side, however, it makes the end of the season slightly more interesting.  It is surely coincidental, but it bears noting that Alan Pardew ended up with a 6-match ban one year ago this week for the head butt of David Meyler.  I'm not saying that there's a pattern of influential Newcastle United figures taking (enforced) extended time off at the end of another meaningless season, but...