Believe it, Newcastle has beaten Liverpool before at Anfield

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It has happened before.

But it has been a long wait for Newcastle United supporters to toast a league victory at Anfield.

It occurred on April 16, 1994.

I was in my first year of college at Texas Tech University and did not have the pleasure of watching the match because back then it was difficult to watch the Premiership in the USA. I do remember ESPN used to show selected matches tape-delayed after midnight, but never was able to watch this one.

But thanks to the wonderful invention of social media, this longtime fan was able to relive the euphoria of that day.

First up was locating the video. The 1993-94 highlight video seemed to be the first choice, but instead focused on NUFC’s 3-0 win over Liverpool at St. James Park rather than the 2-0 victory later.

Think about that. In one season, Newcastle outscored Liverpool 5-0! Ah … the good ole days.

Well, I was interested if anyone was lucky enough to be at Anfield for the 2-0 win. So I went to Twitter to see if anyone would respond to that request.

And I received two responses immediately.

The two twitter names that answered the call were @asmcgee and @out_ashley.

Both gentlemen said they were at Anfield to experience that victory. It was the fifth anniversary of Hillsborough, so emotions were already pretty raw for Liverpool and Newcastle supporters.

"I went on club coach remember Porsche bombing passed toon scarves flying out. Great times, everyone United." -- @asmcgee

"We were actually in the Liverpool end. It was an emotional day." -- @out_ashley

Rob Lee got Newcastle off and running with a goal in the fifth minute of the match, but it was Andy Cole’s superb second in the 56th minute that both men talked about.

"Second goal beautiful, Keeper throw, sweeping pace down the wing, simple cross, Cole slots in, right in front of us." -- @asmcgee

And the celebration following the final whistle that @out_ashley sums up pretty succinctly.

"I was there, pissed out my nut." -- @out_ashley

So in the glass-half-full mode, Newcastle has been awful this season but once had success over Liverpool at Anfield.

It has happened before.

Newcastle at Anfield (It’s not pretty!)
2013-14: L 2-1
2012-13: T 1-1
2011-12: L 3-1
2010-11: L 3-0
2009-10: DNP
2008-09: L 3-0
2007-08: L 3-0
2006:07:L 2-0
2005:06: L 2-0
2004-05: L 3-1
2003-04: L 2-1 (FAC), T 1-1 (Prem)
2002-03: T 2-2
2001-02: L 3-0
2000-01: L 3-0
1999-00: L 2-1
1998-99: L 4-2
1997-98: L 1-0
1996-97: L 4-3 (Newcastle rallies back from 3-0 deficit at half to tie only for Robbie Fowler’s 90th minute goal to rip out Magpie supporter’s hearts.
November 29, 1995 – Newcastle d. Liverpool 1-0 at Anfield in Coca-Cola Cup
April 3, 1996 – L 4-3
1994-95: L 2-0

April 16, 1994 – Newcastle defeats Liverpool in the league at Anfield, courtesy of goals from Andy Cole and Rob Lee

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