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Introducing the new Coming Home Newcastle Team

You may have noticed some new names floating around the site recently. It's time to meet the guys that are going to be bringing you your Newcastle United fixes!

In order to better bring you Newcastle United thoughts and coverage, we have expanded the writing staff at Coming Home Newcastle.  These are the gentlemen that will be bringing you your Newcastle fix:

Jon Hudson

Jon Hudson is a notorious internet user of British-American descent, who began supporting Newcastle in 2006 after being struck down by a horrific case of World Cup fever. Since then, Jon has suffered and celebrated through Newcastle's typically tumultuous existence. The optimism of Keegan's return. The embarrassment of Joe Kinnear and relegation. The revelry of winning the Championship behind Nolan and Carroll and Pancrate. The horror of Hughton's sacking. The unexpected fever dream of Ba and Cisse's goals leading us to 5th. The second embarrassment of Joe Kinnear. And now, the Sports Direct induced apathy of the latter years of the Ashley era.

But Jon wouldn't have it any other way, and is more chuffed than Shola in a hat shop to be contributing to this blog. When he's not tending to his Newcastle-related stomach ulcers, Jon is pushing the boundaries of internet soccer comedy for KICKTV in New York City. His first live Newcastle match was the 2011 friendly versus Darlington, where he also may or may not have participated in his first pitch invasion.

You can validate Jon's existence with faves and RT's at @jonhudsonian on Twitter.

Chris Parry

Chris Parry discovered Newcastle United while in college in the early 1990s. While the rest of his friends were jumping on the Manchester United bandwagon, Chris was mesmerized by Kevin Keegan’s entertainers. Watching Faustino Asprilla, Les Ferdinand, Laurent Robert, and the one and only Alan Shearer terrorize opposing defenses. He soon began to learn about the history of NUFC and its trophy-less drought. The ups and downs … and downs … and downs, but never losing hope that once again Newcastle will win a major trophy.

Chris is Newcastle through and through. Even though he has never set foot on Tyneside, this Texan lives and dies with the Magpies each and every week. Top 3 moments as a NUFC fan: 1. Tiote!!!!! The wonder goal, and the only one scored by our mercurial midfielder gave the boys in black and white the ultimate come-from-behind result in 4-4 draw with Arsenal. 2. Cisse goal against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge which defied physics and Petr Cech. 3. The firecracker that Obafemi Martins scored against Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

Another one on the list has to be Ben Arfa treating Bolton like his own personal training exercise, weaving in and out of them like orange cones on a track before doing what he did best — until Alan Pardew destroyed his confidence — put the ball in the back of the net.

I hope each and every day that Mike Ashley will either sell up and move on or take this club seriously and gave it the investment and love it deserves.

Chris is a working journalist and has been a sportswriter in Texas for 15 years. His two favorite teams are 1. Dallas Cowboys and 1A. Newcastle United). He is excited about the opportunity to share his feelings about NUFC each week on ComingHomeNewcastle.

You can tweet at, abuse, praise or whatever at @CParryCHN

Ryan Ptomey

Being a Midwesterner, Ryan Ptomey is still relatively new to this whole soccer thing. The beautiful game caught his eye on a trip to the UK in 2012 when he noticed that there was far less faffing about in association football than in American football. After a few years of casual interest, he decided to commit himself to a Premier League team and chose Newcastle United for three entirely arbitrary reasons: an appreciation for the beer that no longer sponsors them, an admiration for the team’s unique fashion sense (seriously, they look like overly aggressive referees), and a desire to never be labeled as a bandwagon fan.

Ryan’s first game viewed as an avowed NUFC fan was on January 18, 2014. Others may recall that this was the last game with Cabaye and the start of the late season slump. Ryan could’ve jumped ship, but he’s stubborn and still believes that his faith will be rewarded sometime in the next 20 years or so. He even bought an original ’96 home kit on eBay, but his dog went nuts when he opened the package, so he’s a little leery about wearing it.

Ryan lives in Kansas City, so on occasion, you might hear him talk about how his other team’s sponsor logo isn’t nearly as bad as the big blue Wonga box. In his free time, he falls down Wikipedia rabbit holes and plays video games. He’s also on an indoor soccer team, and he’s probably one of their top 5 defenders (except for when the forwards get tired and drop back and show him up on that part of the field, too).

Ryan is also known as @WriterRyan and @ToonArmyKC on Twitter, Slab on the soccer field, and "Who are you? How did you get in here?" at other times.

Adam Snider

Longtime Fan, First Time Caller

My Name is Adam Snider. I recently turned 30, and I am one of the founders of Toon Army Chicago. I am a systems analyst for a large accounting firm, and I am recently engaged.

I have been a Newcastle fan since I was 11 after my grandparents brought me back a shirt on their first UK trip. I desperately tried watching matches on ESPN at the time, but those chances were rare. I watched more as the matches became available on Fox Sports World (later Fox Soccer Channel), and my passion for the club grew. I loved the fans' passion as they cheered on Sherer and co. on the pitch.

This past year was the most enjoyable for me. Despite the season’s quality, I have had the best experiences as a Toon supporter. I made it to my first home and away matches (Arsenal away and Villa home). I met up with Newcastle supporters all over the USA for the Easter derby. Regardless of where I go, Newcastle fans are among the most passionate and friendliest supporters I have ever met!

Follow Adam on the twitters at @sniderjadam