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Newcastle rule out another for the season

If it's not one thing, it's another. Newcastle United have ruled another player out for the season.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Newcastle United aren't meant to have nice things.  Our captains can't stay on the pitch.  Our primary goalscorer can't stay on the pitch.  Our CM playmaker who was brought in to orchestrate the attack this season can't stay on the pitch.  Speaking of ol' Siem de Jong, though, he is set to make (another) triumphant return to the reserves and may yet have a part to play in this horror story that has been Newcastle's 2014-15 season... but that's a cart and horse conundrum of it's own.  Anyway, if you subscribe to the "youth player as season savior" train of thought, today is a very disappointing day.

No, it's not Adam Armstrong who is now out for the season, it's the only youth player for which the Premier League isn't "too big" based on the season's worth of evidence.  Wing wizard Rolando Aarons has suffered a recurrence of the same injury that has been keeping him out most recently this season.  It's a sad testament to where the club sits these days that the news that the 19-year-old won't be returning this season registers as a Very Bad Thing.  There is no guarantee that Working Class John Carver™ would have played Aarons – who was one of Newcastle's best players in the early season (remember that far back? – for fear of wrecking him.

Regardless, much like everything surrounding the club at this point, we're now sat with a "next year, guys... next year" which seems about right.