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#BoycottSpurs must be a first step, not a destination

The #BoycottSpurs idea is the right one, but it cannot be the only one. The Toon Army must bed in for a long, long march on Mike Ashley's pocketbook.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

The movement and sentiment behind #BoycottSpurs is both fair and just.  Staying away from the Newcastle v. Tottenham match is an attempt to speak in the only terms that Mike Ashley will understand.  Unfortunately, it just simply isn't going to be enough.

Many of the participants are going to be season ticket holders – people who have already payed for the privilege to not attend the Spurs match – while a one-off loss of anything less than every ticket is not going to even register on Ashley's ledger.  There is talk that the Spurs match may be the lowest attendance since 2010 which saw an announced attendance in the neighborhood of 41000.  Remember all the changes that occurred after that grand statement?

The sad reality is that it is going to take a prolonged absence from the ground, a drastic drop in season ticket sales and a slowing of replica jersey sales to even get anything more than a passing "haha look at those Geordies they think they can drive me into investing money that I've earned fairly into a project I don't really give a crap about so long as it continues lining my pockets" derisive laugh from Ashley.

#BoycottSpurs is absolutely the right thing to do.  It is an attempt to strike out and convey to a disinterested owner that this club means more to the Toon Army than repeated second half capitulations.  It is an expression of dissatisfaction in the half-measures and non-decisions that have been made on our behalf for years under Mike Ashley.  Until things change, we will stay away.  We will not spend.  We have had enough and things. must. change.    It is (hopefully) a fan base screaming THIS IS ENOUGH.  At the end of the day, however, the #BoycottSpurs movement cannot be THE statement of the Toon Army against the policies of one of the richest owners in the Premier League.  It has to be the beginning of a statement.  It must be the bedding in for a very long, very arduous, and very painful siege acted out by people for whom staying away is an act that is so counter to the fibers of their beings that they will have internal strife at every opportunity of expressing the base sentiment.  It must be the first volleys fired at the Fort Sports Direct.  It must be the coming of winter for Mike Ashley and his fat and happy buddies.