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Sting Backs Newcastle United Protests

The former frontman of The Police also directly questions Mike Ashley.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Wallsend-born singer Gordon Sumner, CBE (you might know him better as Sting) and performing partner Jimmy Nail (also Newcastle-born)  have come on the record as supporters of protests against Mike Ashley's listless, directionless ownership attitude toward Newcastle United.  In a short video teasing a promotional show for performances Sting and Nail will be giving in the area, the former lead man of The Police says that, if not for a matinee performance that will cause them to miss the match v. Swansea City anyway, he and Nail would be joining the protests.

Perhaps the stronger take-away quote from the video, however, was one in which Sting questioned if Mike Ashley was even cognizant of exactly what he had in the Newcastle United supporters.  Ashley's repeated nose-thumbing at the Toon Army would seem to suggest that he doesn't, which leads to this statement from the video:

"You know, I think the team belongs to the fans.  I'm not sure the current owners understand what they have.  You know, they have something that's quite unique, the identification of the city and the people of the city with that football is immense."


In a celebrity-obsessed world, it's always fun when those as famous not only acknowledge an attitude that you believe in.  It makes it even better when they agree with what you believe in. While the take-away quotes from the video may not live as long as the famous "What is a club, anyway?" from Sir Bobby Robson, they are certainly words that Mike Ashley and the rest of his staff could do well to take to heart.

See the video clip here!