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A Procloamation On The Eve Of The Tyne-Wear Derby

You probably need to print this out and frame it as it's a Proclamation. This very important document just emphasizes how important a Derby victory would be.

Marc Lecureuil/Getty Images


WHEREAS, the Tyne-Wear derby is a football match of regional significance which has been contested 151 times since 24 December 1898, and

WHEREAS, over the life of the derby, Newcastle United have won 53 times against 48 defeats in spite of losing the last four matches in the series.  Although the club own the record for consecutive victories in the series at 5 in a row, they have not won in the past six.  It is understood by all that by any metric this record is unacceptable, and

WHEREAS, Sunday presents a new opportunity for Newcastle United to assert control over the region in footballing terms. The match will be contested on Easter which is a recognized holiday.  Newcastle have won the vast majority of derbies contested on holidays including most recently 5-1 on Halloween 2010.  As such and as the last remaining important match in a disappointing season for the club, John Carver has designated this match Like A Cup Final, and

WHEREAS, as the fans of the club have endured numerous years in which they have not even been given the most remote hope that the club would win ANY Cup Final – up to and including a "Like A Cup Final" match – and deserve to come out on top for once, and

WHEREAS, I would like to make known to Newcastle United the club, the team and the management that a derby victory at this time in history is vital in keeping the heart of the club beating in the Geordie faithful as it is harder and harder to keep that love alive.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Jim McMeachin, Managing Editor of Coming Home Newcastle, do hereby proclaim Sunday, April 5, 2015 as


in the City of Newcastle and on the internet, and I call upon our commentariat and the public at large to join with their fellows of the Toon Army in their efforts to ensure the club understand the absolute vital nature of a victory in this match.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of SBN/Coming Home Newcastle to be affixed this 4 day of April, 2015.

_Jim McMeachin____________________________________
Jim McMeachin, Managing Editor, Coming Home Newcastle

ATTEST: The Toon Army at large and the internet