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Sunderland 1 - 0 Newcastle: Turns Out A John Carver Side WILL Lack Desire In A Derby

Remember that one time that we played really really well in the second half against Arsenal? It was an apparition.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Newcastle United took the pitch at the Stadium Light on Easter Sunday with all the appropriate words having been said.  "It's a derby" "No side of mine will lack for effort in the derby" and all of the other things you'd expect from a club just providing their fans with lip service in a lost season.  Their effort on the day, told the same story.  It was all just lip service.

Truly, it did take a moment of brilliance (again) from Sunderland to take the three points, now equaling the longest consecutive matches won streak in the near 120-year history of the matchup.  Honestly, though, Newcastle were never in this.  Our supposed Captain Marvel – Moussa Sissoko who is desperate to leave Newcastle – was invisible yet again and the rest of the squad didn't fare much better.  There were some things that didn't go our way a penalty call that wasn't given in the first half, for instance, and the non-foul that led to the goal... but the fact is that Newcastle were nowhere near good enough on this day.  We have made a team who really should be going down look like a top side.

This is a squad that is in need of a MAJOR overhaul and a coaching staff that are fat and happy knowing that their cheap cost is going to keep them in a job in perpetuity.  There have started to be some rumblings on the twitter today, but I would like to drop this right here.  It's way more real than you want to think.